But, before you go. Do you often find yourself running out of time-Well, find out how to increase your productivity and get more done without driving yourself crazy! (1).jpg

You only had 6 patients scheduled for this morning! Only 4 clients needed document review! You finished your backlog of tax filings, where did these other 10 come from? How did your calendar get so full? You used to relish in the thought of new business, but now you find yourself cringing as you see another appointment pop-up, email come in, phone call message show up...

You want your business to grow, but are you wondering what is the cost? Have you stopped working for vacations, and started taking vacations to escape work...but it follows you there? Is your partner starting to look at you with less than loving eyes whenever you pick up the phone? Do your kids feel like their getting the short end of the stick on the weekends?


Guess what! We have the answer!

Our new e-book reveals how you can increase your personal productivity and get more done -- so you can do the things you love to do like playing golf, spend time with your family, finally work on that new idea that you know will boost profits in your business without taking up more of your time...


Inside you'll discover things like:

  • Just what time management is in layman's terms. Forget all the complicated and confusing definitions you've heard in the past.
  • Why you need to manage your time effectively.
  • What happens when you don't manage your time effectively.
  • How to get started with good time management. These four tips can make all the difference to your productivity (Page 17)
  • Can time management become an obsession? There are several early warning signs you should look out for.
  • How to stop obsessing and get back on track
  • How to set realistic goals with your time management
  • + much, much more!
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Wait! Where Did the Time Go ebook.jpg
  • Learn the most important part of your productivity strategy
  • How to save time with systemization
  • Use tools and experiences you already have to save money and allow you to focus your creative energy where it's needed
  • Why we say "outsource, automate, delegate"
  • and why you need to do all your shopping online...
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About Lauren Ashley, Founder of Studio 351

I've worked with some of the world's top leaders for years and I've learned how the best of them manage their time to achieve the level of excellence they are known for. But, I've also had to learn how to effectively "juggle" the many hats I wear. While working in financial services, a very demanding industry, I started a business---not once, but twice! In order to keep everything together, I had to get clear on what was important, what motivated me, and my purpose for doing things. I know what it's like to run a professional/business service firm and want to live a life. I want to help you do the same! 


If you find that you constantly feel like you're playing catch up and no matter how busy you are you don't feel like you're actually getting much done...

It's time to create a strategy around your "primary aim". Trust me, I've been there! But, once you know what you really want to accomplish you can structure your life, your priorities, your day around accomplishing that goal. 

So I had to take a break from reading this eBook just to tell you giiiiiiiiirl! I love the moments of reflection/self-evaluation you introduce and the exercises provided to acknowledge the level of efficacy or lack thereof during each situation. I’m halfway through it now...overall, so far, the concept and format are great. Again, awesome job!
— Lisa R. Broyles
This ebook is very informative on the logistical ways in which to increase productivity and time management. I found some gems that are very helpful and look forward to seeing their benefits in my life. I can see a lot of entrepreneurs, parents, teachers, etc using this ebook and anything from the desk of Studio 351 as a manual for success.
— Judith Bukenya
As a private consultant, business owner, college professor, and regional supervisor for a multi-million-dollar corporation it can be difficult to manage the demands of any given day. When you add in the possibility of a social life my time goes from little to nothing in a matter of minutes. As we all know the school system does not teach you time management; a huge (if not the most) important skill any human needs regardless of your profession or daily activities. The book Wait Where Did the Time Go by Studio 351 Founder, Lauren Ashley has truly challenged me to be better manager of my time. The tools and techniques that are provided within this book will require you to think critically of the time you are using, evaluate your priorities, and introduce time management concepts you never considered. This is a tool I plan to utilize with my masters and undergraduate student to ensure they have the time management foundation to excel professionally and personally.
— Shawn T. Capell. M.S., BCBA