A Word From Our Founder...

Leadership is not about the mastery of management or the compliance of followers. Although, good leaders do this effecitvely. Leadership at its core is about the mastery of self. Great leaders master who they are, therefore they can master others.

There are a number of reasons I decided to start Studio 351 and FCO, LLC. After studying in the areas of HR and Finance, it became pretty clear to me that young entrepreneurs with fresh ideas needed opportunities to grow wealth, and that these opportunities needed to be worthwhile and long-lasting. I also worked in financial services for several years, and saw firsthand how the concepts of asset management and investment banking put people and families in position to maintain their wealth and change their communities. I also noticed that those are interested in pursuing financial independence fall into two main categories: individuals who are intent on creating wealth for their families, and those who are focused on investing in luxury or premium items that would maintain timeless value.

Even my brief two-year stint in healthcare confirmed for me that I wanted to make a real difference in the lives of those who want to better society while creating stable careers for themselves and financial security for the future.  

In all honesty, my experience in the conventional workplace also taught me that I am an entrepreneur. Each of my positions gave me the education and experience to one day build a successful business of my own—a sentiment that most Studio 351 consumers share. This undeniable pursuit of mine became especially evident in my role as project manager, and confirmed for me that I couldn’t afford to let someone else determine my future in the career world—or the real world. I made a promise to myself to take control of my financial future so that I could properly execute my life goals. 

I have found that it’s necessary to have a space for young entrepreneurs to grow professionally and personally. I know what it’s like to figure out my life’s worth, all while shaping the life of another. I also know that the future comes faster than we think, and that retirement can be a rewarding experience if sound career decisions are made throughout life.  

As a result of stepping out and doing business for myself, I have found a measure of healing and self-assurance that may not have been accomplished otherwise. I’ve discovered that owning a business is actually a luxury commodity, and should be treated as such, through a series of both practical and passionate decisions. If you’re looking to grow your business, survive in the corporate world, find a suitable work/life balance, or all of the above, this is the place. Welcome to Studio 351.

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Lauren Ashley, Founder & President