What is Studio 351 about?

Studio 351 is a vibrant community of leaders. We are management professionals and small business owners. We cater to pre-launch, new, and existing business. We offer coaching services and digital products to help our members, just like you, become better leaders. We train to lead and develop to dominate!

If you are a new business, launching a new product, or a business owner who finds yourself struggling with a new reality in your business and facing challenges, we are here for you. We offer coaching programs to get your business on track, off the ground, and on the path to success. You can find out more about our Coaching Programs here

Why the name Studio 351?

Studio 351 was named after a salon in New York City. In this salon, Founder Lauren Ashley grew up around hundreds of women in leadership over the 20-plus years of its existence. These women were in academia, government, marketing, communications, business owners, entertainers, policy makers, financiers, and all around bosses. She had the opportunity to learn from them and watch how these women became better leaders over the years. After 45+ years in business, the owner of the salon retired. To pay homage to him, the women of that salon, and the legacy it left behind, Lauren decided she would replicate the community in that salon into this global community---Studio 351.

To inspire that spirit of community and collaboration, we have created this community for our leaders to connect with each other to create their dreams. We believe in a holistic approach to success---success in mind, body, heart, soul, and wallet. We provide mindset, leadership, and business coaching. The salon was a place where these women could adjust their mindset and come back into alignment with their purpose. They came to take care of their body and left feeling beautiful and rejuvenated. They could share their personal trials and find direction and encouragement. In addition, they shared valuable information about leadership, industry, and business success. It was a phenomenal blueprint for Studio 351. It was inspired by a small business and dedicates its services to other small businesses.

Why was Studio 351 created?

Studio 351 was created to foster connection and collaboration between leaders around the world through purposeful relationships and collaborative capacity building. We believe that the collective action of young leaders can break barriers, further economic transformation, sustainability, and autonomy, and drive fundamental change in our communities. Moreover, by empowering Millenials and GenX to define our success, we intend to propel a new narrative about our potential.

You can learn more about who we are and what we do here.

You can learn more about Lauren Ashley by visiting our website's about page, here. You can also subscribe to her newsletter and follow her on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram where she provides news, information, and inspiration to leaders about their life both on and off the job.

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