Feature: Shanny Sommer, Managing Director, Shanny Sommer Branding

I fell very fast into the trap of proving myself to the who’s who, wearing, living in, and hanging with, the best of the best. But, yeah, something was missing.

After a successful ten year career in the financial industry, Shanny Sommer wanted more. She wanted a job that fulfilled a deeper sense of meaning. Shanny climbed her corporate ladder quickly. But, she had the nagging feeling that what she was meant to do was empower women, help them tap into their voice, and shift their mindsets around their money and businesses. 

In 2008, after leaving her corporate job, she began producing a televised fashion show. It where here she began helping companies create their marketing and develop campaigns that were more attractive to the women consumers they wanted to reach. Here she discovered a passion. She was able to help her corporate clients tap into the female market. She had a unique voice, and it was one that women were especially keen to hear.

So, Shanny thanks for talking to me today. You have an amazing background, so tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I come from a financial background. I spent ten years in the financial industry. I went to school for Business Administration, but I’ve always had a passion for working with people. And although I was quite successful and the money was incredibly sexy, I discovered very quickly that interaction with people is what lights a fire in my heart, especially working with women. 

That’s great. Coming from a financial background myself, I understand. For me, I felt like yes, I made money and could live a “great life” on paper, but there was still something missing. Did you have those feelings?

Yeah. You know, I started working relatively young. I was 21, and by 24 I was promoted to Team Managers. And the salaries in the financial industry are very sexy, so needless to say, at that early age, with no kids, I was balling out of control. I fell very fast into the trap of proving myself to the who’s who, wearing, living in, and hanging with, the best of the best. But, yeah, something was missing. Every day that I spent look at trade sheets behind a computer, I felt like I was dying inside. It came to a point where no work trip, no money, no promotion, could get me back to calm. So, without any idea what I was doing, I jumped out and quit my job. I realized very quickly though that I was unprepared.

Wow! We have a very similar story. So, you say you realized very quickly you were unprepared. Explain?

Well, I went through many ups and downs financially with no backup. I’d wake up one day with $23,000 in the bank, and ten days later I was back to zero. I had to learn what it meant to see your business making money and not touch a dime of it because I needed to go back into the business to grow and market my brand. I learned what it means to pay my assistants and take zero money home for myself.

The reason I’m still here is that I learned to accept that you never stop learning. And you never get “there.” Especially, in my field, you’re always in a race with yourself. To actually make money in business, takes extreme discipline and consistency. I finally feel like I have “the system” under control. But, from what I see, many women underestimate what it takes to have a business. My mentor, Maja Sly always says, “a Boss is more than a hashtag on Instagram.” 

I believe the ups and down I go through in business, in love, and in life, all happen for a reason. I’ve saved many women from heartbreak and going broke just by sharing with them how to avoid the mistakes I made. I’ve made it my mission to do this for as many women as I can. Instilling more #MoneyConfidence in every woman, one by one. 

That’s amazing. Well, I’m happy to hear that you’ve grown and evolved, which I’m sure has helped you a lot in your business. But, more than that it’s helped your customers. So, tell us more about your business.

Well, I help corporate clients with marketing. But, I decided I wanted to help entrepreneurial women with their marketing and branding. If I can do this for a large makeup brand or a large insurance company, surely I can help the woman that is struggling with her money or wants to have a business. 

That’s why I started my personal page and my #MoneyConfidence hot topics. The response was mind blowing! Fast forward to today, this has become a series of webinars, seminars and even strategy coaching. Even better, with the new audience on my page, I’ve created a close community of entrepreneurial women that share their daily wins and support each other. I call them the Bossladies in the #MoneyConfidence Squad. It’s funny, but even some men are secretly tuning in, and we’re ok with it.

The reason I’m still here is that I learned to accept that you never stop learning.

LOL…So, what have you found to be the most effective way of attracting people to you and your brand?

On the corporate side, many of my clients came from my network doing TV. We also do a lot of cold calling. But, my biggest campaigns have come from my Facebook page. Attraction marketing has been the magic touch for my business. The leading sales tool being Live Broadcasting. Lives have been the tools that have exploded my business. It’s been phenomenal for getting new clients and establishing my expertise.

Do you have any promos going on?

Since a key driver for growth and following comes from Live Broadcasting, I want to help women get the confidence to do them the right way. I offer a free template called “Live Streaming For Cash.” That is only free for a limited time. But, readers can find it here: http://bit.ly/freebieshanny1

That’s great I’m sure everyone will love this!

Additionally, I’m always here to break it down and come up with an effective strategy for women that are ready to take their business to the next level. 

Fantastic! So, switching gears a little I want to do a rapid fire Q&A with you…

*laughs* Sure! 

Ok, first question…What’s the best advice you’ve received recently?

“You don’t have a spending problem; you have an income problem.” That’s a quote by Grant Cardone. Invest more time in creating more income, instead of penny-pinching and over-budgeting. It’s tough to grow if you can’t add more money.

That’s great advice. Second question, what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Start where you are! Don’t fall into the trap of “I need perfect flyers first,” “I need a website,” or “I need a certification.” Someone, many out there are waiting for your unique set of talents, so don’t keep it from them.

I offer a free template called ‘Live Streaming For Cash.’ That is only free for a limited time. But, readers can find it here: http://bit.ly/freebiesshanny1

That’s something I think people need to hear repeatedly. It’s all about mindset. And sometimes, it's our greatest enemy. Ok, easy question, what’s your favorite business tool or resource and why?

My favorite business tool is live video broadcasting. Why my pages are just starting to build, being live on the camera allows me to show my expertise and build a clientele. I have been able to sell out my webinars and events because my audience can see that I am relatable and that I know my stuff.

Ok…a good article or book you’ve read recently?

I love all books by Grant Cardone, but my favorite is Sell or Be Sold. Whether we like it or not, to be in business we need to learn to dominate the sales process. Currently, I’m reading Buying Customers by Brad Sugars, and I have so many Aha moments! The process of buying customers is the way to make sure that you are attracting the right clients…and keeping them.

Will have to check those out and add them to our Bookshelf and Goodreads! Ok, final question, what’s one way you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

I like to say that I have a Caribbean flair. With the funny accent comes a broad, global view, as I can understand both the woman that lives in a small community or small island and the international big city diva. Also, I can speak six languages so that I can communicate with most people in their language. The Bossladies that follow me seem to like the vibe of the New York City Sex And The City lifestyle, mixed with a permanent summer. 

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